Commissions and Pet Portraits For   pet   portraits   please   select   a   few   photographs   with   the   pose   you   would   like   your   pet   to   be   in.      Please make   sure   your   photographs   are   taken   at   the   eye   level   of   the   animal,   in   focus   and   with   the   right colouration.      The   quality   of   the   painting   really   depends   on   this.      I   can   advise   on   backgrounds,   size, aspects   (landscape   or   portrait   orientation)   and   provide   a   quotation.      Depending   on   size   and   complexity pet portraits range from £165-295. Other   subject   matter,   such   as   landscapes,   can   be   commissioned   and   can   be   discussed   on   an   individual basis. Timing-   paintings   typically   take   6-8weeks   to   complete   as   they   are   often   performed   in   stages   that   require drying   and   I   have   to   fit   them   around   other   commitments.      An   approximate   completion   timeframe   is provided once the commission is accepted, but please leave plenty of time if it’s for a special occasion.  I     will     provide     progress     photographs     throughout     the     painting     process     so     you     can     see     the portrait/landscape progress and any feedback can be incorporated. When complete I will prove a final photograph of your painting for your approval. All    paintings    are    done    on    quality    stretched    canvases,    using    traditional    techniques.        Paintings    are supplied unframed and postage costs are not included.